Metal CNC Lathe Machine

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Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2019-11-14
Item specifics
Swing over bed:240mm
Max bar working diameter:30mm
Spindle bore diameter:32mm
Max. traverse X-axis:200mm lathe
Dimension(L*W*H):1715/1150/1155mm cnc lathe
Max Turning diameter/length:100/100mm
Spindle speed(Max):6000rpm cnc lathe
Max. traverse Z-axis:180mm Metal lathe
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High rigidity Metal Lathe Machine With Stable Machining Accuracy. 

High rigidity Metal Lathe Machine With Stable Machining Accuracy.

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High rigidity Metal Lathe Machine With Stable Machining Accuracy.
Finished lathe function:
1. High precision, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.002mm, there is very little equipment in the country.
2. One-piece hard rail structure with good rigidity and longer life than the rail.
3. Visualization window, user-friendly, easy to operate and comfortable. (The visual window of the device is patented)
4. Has passed CE certification and exported to Europe, UK, etc.
5. The HT300 bed is used, and the bed is magnetically released for several years outdoors, and the stability is better.
6. Manual scraping, manual scraping at the joint of the bed, no gasket, and higher stability.
High Rigidity Lathe Machine:This machine's six basic parts, such as the base, base, X-axis slide, knife base, cross slide, etc. are selected gray cast iron HT250, resin sand technology, integrated casting base, passed for up to one year The above natural aging treatment, density 6.8-7.3g/cm3, tensile strength σb (MPa): 250, hardness HB209. The strength, wear resistance and heat resistance are good. The vibration energy can be effectively absorbed during the operation of the machine tool. The shock absorption is good and the lubrication performance is good. The overall weight of the casting is 856Kg..
High Precision Mini CNC Lathe :X-axis/Z-axis guideway, hard track, suitable for heavy cutting; pedestal, cross slide using HT250 cast iron, integral casting, after semi-finishing, high-frequency quenching of the guide surface, hardened layer 1-2mm, quenching Temperature 900-1000°C, surface hardness up to HRC60, precision grinding of guide rails after heat treatment, final manual scraping, cross slides and X slides, grinding contact not less than 20 points per square inch, sliding table Smooth and no gap, Z-axis thrust 30-45 kgf, X-direction thrust 20-35 kgf, thus ensuring high-precision machining of the machine tool, all X-axis, Z-axis guide surface to take automatic forced lubrication to effectively extend the life of the machine.
High rigidity Metal Lathe Machine With Stable Machining Accuracy.
Lathe Parts:
a) GH20 uses German imported JENA company to KEMT according to the European quality standards of the original imported spindle, spindle using ultra-precision radial ball bearings, large servo spindle motor drive stepless speed, the maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, spindle end jump and cone hole jump are Within 0.001mm. After the spindle is assembled, the center precision, the tolerance of the main shaft and the side bus are 0-0.003mm.
b) THK ultra-precision ball screw is used for the X-axis and Z-axis, and the accuracy class is C3. The operation is stable, the vibration is small, and the rapid movement is 15m/min.
c) The X-axis and Z-axis screw support methods adopt the technology of our company's invention patent "The screw support structure and the screw pre-stretching method using the support structure". The circumferential runout of the motor end of the screw rod is within 0.01mm, according to the ISO-230-2 standard, the positioning accuracy is within 0.003mm, and the repeatable positioning accuracy is within 0.002mm;
d) The X-axis and Z-axis couplings are selected from Japan's Miki SFC-040SA2-14B-14B model, with smooth transmission and high precision;
e) Pneumatic components adopt the Japanese SMC or CKD brand, including the cylinder in the spindle clamping mechanism;
f) Electrical parts: AC contactors, relays and buttons in electrical cabinets. Our company adopts Japanese Fuji brand, leakage protection devices, circuit breakers, and switching power supplies adopt the Schneider brand.
Options configuration, convenient operation mode:
a) The mobile operating platform allows the operator to operate and program more conveniently and improve the operating efficiency;
b) The simple and generous glass door design allows programmers and operators to observe any changes in the machining process more intuitively and clearly, enhance the internal visibility of the machine, and reduce the weight of the sliding door. It is compact and lightweight, which reduces the physical consumption of the operator.
c) LED lighting and three-color signal lights, more energy-saving and environmental protection;
d) Powerful processing ability, able to meet the requirements of heavy cutting, compact structure, easy operation, can realize various types of parts such as outer circle, bore hole, drilling, tapping, threading, grooving, cutting, etc. The standard configuration of Cs axis function can configure various axial and radial power tools to complete the processing of more complex parts and greatly improve the machining performance and range of the machine tool;
e) The machine reserves the interface of automatic feeder. By configuring the bar conveyor and the parts conveying device, it can realize the continuous and unmanned automatic processing of the shaft parts, so that no one can observe and save labor costs and become a reality;
f) According to customer needs and parts processing requirements, matching automatic doors and oil mist collectors can be configured with automatic feeding device, rack-mounted robots, multi-joint robots, etc., to provide a full set of automation solutions to help customers set up unmanned automated production lines, Machine substitution, prompting customers to create upgrades, increase customer on-site production automation levels, and help customers upgrade from labor-intensive to technology-intensive conversion;
g) According to the processing requirements of the external diameter size of the slender shaft parts of the customer, a pneumatic tailstock can be added to realize one plus one top or two top type turning machining. Up to three tools can be installed through a customized tool holder;
h) Abundant chuck options, according to the shape of the parts can be customized various types of spindle collet chuck, stepped spindle collet chuck and shaped non-standard spindle collet chuck.
Optional manual chuck, pneumatic chuck, diaphragm chuck, hydraulic chuck.

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Main Parameters





Bed swing over diameter


Max.turning diameter

100mm turning diameter


30mm turning length


Max.rotation speed of spindle


Spindle bore diameter



X axis Rapid feeding




Z axis Rapid feeding




X axis Travel




Z axis Travel


Tool height of O.D. tool bar


Tool diameter of I.D. tool bar


Center height of tool seat


Spindle motor power/X/Z-axis


Lubricating motor:4w

Coolant motor:0.18kw

Tank capacity:55L

Tool quantities:8ea

Lubricating device capacity




Machine power


Machine weight




Floor space(LWH)

1150/1155/1715 mm

Positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy

0.005/Full travel  mm

CNC controlle

0.002/Full travel  mm