Universal Horizontal Manual Metal Lathe Machine

Group Conventional Lathe
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2019-04-10
Item specifics
Max. Swing Diameter:400mm
Swing in gap:700mm
Spindle bore:82mm
Spindle Speeds:26-2000rpm
Max. dimension of tool shank:25/25mm
Gap length:280mm
Spindle centre height:220mm
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Product Description

DRC Brand High Quality CDS6140B Mini Alloy Wheel Horizontal Conventional Metal Lathe Machine

                    High Quality Mini Alloy Wheel Horizontal Conventional Metal Lathe Machine

Product Application

CDS6140B series of ordinary lathe is the lathe combined with the world's lathe manufacturing well-known enterprise product development and development of a pleasant ordinary lathe.
In this machine can be turning parts of the cylindrical, bore and end face, you can drill, reaming and oil tank, you can process a variety of metric, inch, modulus, diameter thread, the user can also special orders can be processed week Thread, the machine is particularly suitable for small batch production of processing workshops and mechanical repair shop use.
The machine can be processed steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials.
In the machine tool processing parts size accuracy can reach IT7 level, surface roughness can reach 1.6.

Main Features

1)Standard with a large screw protection, foot brake, belt cover and electrical cabinet door power and other functional accessories

2) Can be equipped with large protection, turret protection, chuck protection, vertical stop device (special orders). 

3) Foot brake: For mechanical friction plate clutch, first stop the main motor current, and then the main motor pulley brake. 

4) And with electromagnetic clutch & electromagnetic brake of the spindle box, through the electrical interlock control, non-stop motor, only to stop the spindle.

5) The feed box of the machine tool can change the type of thread by changing the handle position of the feed box.

Process Details
Large aperture high speed spindle system

B type is 82mm, C type is 105mm spindle aperture. B - type lathe three - point support of high rigidity spindle system

Spindle with clutch

Machine tool spindle box with mechanical friction plate Clutch: through the joystick, without changing the motor speed and stop the motor can achieve the spindle speed, stop, commutation.
Also optional electromagnetic clutch & electromagnetic brake of the spindle box

Typical slide box structure

The machine's slide box is equipped with fast moving device, with overload safety protection device; vertical and horizontal cross handle, open and close the nut handle.

Stylish and simple unique  scale ring.

Through the latest upgrade for external pump lubrication, forced lubrication of shafts and gearboxes, providing operational reliability.

Machine bed head tank lubrication system, the latest upgrade for the external flow of oil pump lubrication, through the oil separator, the pulley shaft and gear box for forced lubrication, to provide work reliability

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DRC is a group company ,which is professional in products and sales of advanced CNC machine tools . Acting full operation of the six machine tool production company's overseas sales.
DRC is located in Dalian, which is one of the largest seaport cities of China.Our products exported to Russia, Dubai, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, the Philippines, India, Iran, more than 50 countries.
DRC has six factories in China, which covers many kinds of mechanical equipment.
Product Range:
CNC Lathe
Conventional Lathe,
Vertical Lathe
Machining Center
Boring and Milling Machine

◎Planer & Slotting Machines
◎Wheel Repair Lathe Machine
Dental Milling Machine
Glass Tempering Furnace
Special Machine for Pipe Threading ,Valve Milling, End Facing and so on

After-Sale Service


1. What is your minimum order quantity and warranty?

 MOQ is one set, and warranty is one year.

2.What CNC system do you use?

FANUC, SIEMENS, MISTSUBISHI, GSK etc. It depends on your choice.

3.When is the delivery time?

We will delivery it within 90 days after received your payments

4. How to handle the warranty period?

During the warranty period, because of product quality problems, the company is responsible for free maintenance, if need to change parts, we be responsible for free replacement.
If the machine problem is not belonging to our machine quality problems, when the buyer needs us send engineers to give repairing service, we charge the appropriate cost.

5.Can your company send the technical personnel to our company and direct our workers for free?

When the machine arrive the buyer's installation site, we timely send mechanical and electrical engineers to install according to the buyer's schedule, the buyer undertakes board and lodging of personnel abroad in the process of installation, and also USD100.00 per day per person. The seller will cooperate with the buyer to deal with visa and installation preparation before going abroad.

Swing over bed
Swing over cross slide
Max. turning diameter
Height of centers
Swing in gap
Gap length (from spindle nose) 

Distance between centers
Spindle nose
Taper of spindle bore
90 mm / 1:20
90 mm / 1:20
Spindle centre height
Spindle bore
Max. dia. of stock through spindle bore
No.of Spindle speed
Spindle speed ranges
26-2000 rpm
26 - 1700 rpm
Bed and slide
Range of Diametral threads
7/8 - 160DP
7/8 - 160DP
Number of Metric threads
73(53 )
Range of Metric threads
0.35 - 80mm
0.35 - 80mm
Number of Module  threads 
Number of Module Pitches
0.2 - 40 MOD
0.2 - 40 MOD

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