Easy to operate Of CNC Pipe Thread Lathe

Time: 2019-09-18
Summary: Easy to operate Of CNC Pipe Thread Lathe
Easy to operate Of CNC Pipe Thread Lathe 
1. The machine tool has the characteristics of high automation, high efficiency, high precision, wide application range and simple operation.
2, CNC pipe thread lathe is my current more common lathe, which is a boutique in medium-sized CNC lathes.
3. The bed head box is driven by variable frequency motor and has stepless speed change. Domestic well-known manufacturers of spindle bearings, domestic famous brand three-jaw chuck.
4, CNC system modular design, easy to debug, easy maintenance, x, z axis using high power, servo motor, advanced performance, reliability.
5, using casting bed saddle. Skateboard, the internal rib type layout is reasonable, select Jining high-precision ball screw, high precision, accurate transmission. The well-known domestic four-station electric knife holder has high positioning accuracy, strong rigidity and high reliability.
CNC Pipe Thread Lathe


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