Warm welcome the visit of Russia customer

Time: 2019-03-08
Summary: CNC Lathe,Conventional Lathe,Vertical Lathe,Wheel Repair Lathe Machine,Planer & Slotting Machines,Machine Accessories,Machining Center,Boring and Milling Machine,Dental Milling Machine,Glass Tempering Furnace,Special Machine for Pipe Threading ,Valve Milling, End Facing and so on

latheWarm welcome the visit of Russia customer, you are as top 5 company in Russia, we are as top 10 factory in China, I do believe we can have a nice cooperation and promote the development of both your company and our company. ^_^

cnc lathe

DRC is a group company ,which is professional in products and sales of advanced CNC machine tools . Acting full operation of the six machine tool production company's overseas sales.
DRC is located in Dalian, which is one of the largest seaport cities of China.Our products exported to Russia, Dubai, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, the Philippines, India, Iran, more than 50 countries.
DRC has six factories in China, which covers many kinds of mechanical equipment.
Product Range:
CNC Lathe
Conventional Lathe,
Vertical Lathe

Wheel Repair Lathe Machine
◎Planer & Slotting Machines
◎Machine Accessorie
Machining Center
Boring and Milling Machine
Dental Milling Machine
Glass Tempering Furnace
Special Machine for Pipe Threading ,Valve Milling, End Facing and so on

lathe machine

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