The Electric Spindle Is A New Technology That Integrates The Machine Tool Spindle
The Electric Spindle Is A New Technology That Integrates The Machine Tool Spindle And The Spindle Motor In The Field Of CNC Machine Tools.

The electric spindle is a new technology that integrates the machine tool spindle and the spindle motor in the field of CNC machine tools. Together with linear motor technology and high-speed tool technology, it drives high-speed machining to a new era. The electric spindle includes the electric spindle itself and its accessories, including an electric spindle, a high frequency variable frequency device, an oil mist lubricator, a cooling device, a built-in encoder, a tool change device, and the like. The rotor of the motor directly acts as the main shaft of the machine tool. The housing of the spindle unit is the motor base, and the other parts are used to realize the integration of the motor and the machine tool spindle.
With the rapid development and improvement of electric drive technology (frequency control technology, motor vector control technology, etc.), the mechanical structure of the main drive system of high-speed CNC machine tools has been greatly simplified, basically eliminating the belt drive and gear transmission. . The spindle of the machine tool is directly driven by the built-in motor, which shortens the length of the main drive chain of the machine tool to zero, and realizes the "zero transmission" of the machine tool. The "spindle unit" spindle motor and the machine tool spindle "integrated into one" drive structure form the spindle components from the machine's transmission system and the overall structure relatively independent, also known as "electric spindle" (Electric Spindle) (Motor Spindle) . Since the current electric spindle mainly uses an AC high frequency motor, it is also called a "High Frequency Spindle". Since there is no intermediate transmission link, it is sometimes called "Direct Drive Spindle".

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