Efficiency and quality of turning and milling machining centers
Efficiency and quality of turning and milling machining centers
In the wave of market economy, all enterprises are pursuing benefits, so people pay more attention to processing efficiency. At present, popular high-speed processing is widely regarded as one of the effective means to improve processing efficiency; At the exhibition, people can see all kinds of high-speed processing equipment, which can be described as infinite scenery; the most intuitive feeling brought by high-speed processing is the improvement of spindle rotation speed and cutting speed, and the processing time is obviously shortened; From a profit perspective, high-speed machining is not suitable for all companies; because of the infinite appearance, there needs to be a huge expense to support. The investment in high-speed processing equipment is not only the equipment itself, but also the cost of machine maintenance and use, which is much higher than ordinary equipment. The most obvious is the high cost of conventional consumables such as tools and cooling media; in addition, the maintenance cost of the machine tool, accidental loss, etc., will bring a surprising "surprise" to his owners. These reasons have caused many high-speed processing equipment to eventually be used as conventional equipment, losing its value and function. In fact, high-speed machining is only suitable for a few companies with high added value and advanced technology.
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In fact, in terms of improving processing efficiency, high-speed machining is only one of the means; in the end of the last century, high-speed machining equipment required linear motor, electric spindle, tool durability has made some technical breakthroughs, enabling high-speed machining to develop rapidly. In fact, we still have a way to improve the material removal rate by increasing the power of the machine or increasing the load of the tool. We call it “powerful cutting”; the power improvement of the machine tool is not a big problem, the rigidity of the machine structure and the tool Durability is the biggest bottleneck. However, under limited conditions, we can optimize the performance of the machine tool and optimize the efficiency of the machine by optimizing the machine structure design, reasonable tool selection and optimization of the process plan. It is the most economical and effective method.
Composite machining is another direction for the development of machining methods. The most common ones are turning and milling combined machining and boring and milling. In theory, it can save a lot of process preparation time and simplify the process flow. It is an effective means to improve product quality and production efficiency. . However, such equipment is relatively expensive.

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