Turning on turning and milling machine tools
Turning on turning and milling lathe machine tools
The most attractive aspect of the turning and milling lathe machine tool processing platform is that it can fully complete the workpiece machining after one set of clamping. Nowadays, the development of CAM software has enabled the turning and milling machine with B-axis milling head to finish the turning of the inner and outer contour surfaces of the workpiece with only one tool. In this fine turning cycle, this new turning machine requires only one tool to complete the continuous machining of the inner and outer contour surfaces of the workpiece in one step, without the need to use a series of different shapes of turning tools.

The B-axis contouring cycle software was developed by DP Technologies and included in the company's Esprit 2008 CAM software package. The machining software uses an efficient method of continuous rotation of the B-axis to allow the tool to run along the contours to areas that are inaccessible due to tool geometry. This new machining method reduces the number of tools required, reduces tool change and programming time, and achieves a smoother surface with no step marks. The end result is more time and money for the shop.

In June 2007, the Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. Technology Center in Los Angeles, Calif., successfully performed B-axis profile test on the NT3150 Turn-milling machine. Use the rotating tool center point function (RTCP) of the Funac control system to output the coordinates in the NC code for its tool nose center. The RTCP function must be used with the contour machining cycle to rotate the tool around its control point. The B-axis contour machining cycle is based on the Esprit intelligent software SolidTurn contour machining cycle. The main difference is that its B-axis technology provides full control over the choice of B-axis rotation strategy and the allowable B-axis angle limit.

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