How much do you know about the machining center?
How much do you know about the machining center?

Speaking of machining centers, as long as people in the machinery industry know, how powerful is the function of the machining center, and how much do you know, let us know about the machining center.
1, the first is the machining center introduction:cnc vertical machining center  
The machining center is an efficient and high-precision CNC machine tool. The workpiece can automatically complete multiple processes in one setup. It is a typical high-tech machining equipment. Its development represents a national design and manufacturing. The level of industry has become the mainstream and direction of modern machine tool development.
Machining Center
2, let's talk about the composition of the machining center:Vertical Milling Machining Center Machine
The machining center is a CNC machine with a tool magazine and an automatic tool changer. The components include machine tool body, movable protection door, bucket type tool magazine, feed Z axis, Z axis servo motor, retaining wire frame, CNC system and its operation panel, frequency conversion spindle, X-Y CNC carriage, coolant tank.
Processing center composition
3. Finally, talk about the characteristics of the machining center:3 axis 4 axis 5 axis Milling Machine CNC Vertical Machining Center for sale
With automatic tool changer, it can automatically change the tool, complete milling, boring, drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, etc. in one setup, highly concentrated process, spindle with automatic swing angle or swing The machining center of the workbench automatically completes multiple faces and multiple angles after one setup. The machining center with exchangeable workbench can perform one machining at the same time, one clamping and high processing efficiency.
cnc machining center

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