What is CNC machining technology?
What is CNC machining technology?

Digital control is a method of controlling the movement of the machine tool and its machining process with digital signals, referred to as numerical control (NC), which is an automatic control technology.
CNC machine tools are machine tools that use CNC technology. The working process is to digitize the geometric information and process information of the machined parts, that is, all the steps (such as starting or stopping the machine, shifting the spindle, clamping or loosening the workpiece, selecting and replacing the tool, cutting fluid) The opening and closing, etc.) and the relative displacement between the tool and the workpiece and the feed rate are represented by digitized codes. Before processing, the programmer prepares the drawings of the parts into programs according to the specified code, and then sends the digital signals through the program carrier (such as punched tape, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, optical disk and semiconductor memory) or manual direct input (MDI). The computer of the numerical control system performs registration, calculation and processing, and finally the automatic processing is realized by the servo device controlling the machine tool through the drive circuit. The biggest feature of CNC machine tools is that when changing the machined parts, it is generally only necessary to input a new machining program to the CNC system, without the need to manually adjust the machine tool and directly participate in the operation, the entire machining process can be completed automatically.
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CNC machining technology has quickly replaced the traditional machine tool processing mode, but it has not yet reached a complete replacement, so the next step in the development of CNC machining technology is particularly important, and we need the joint efforts of our machine tool industry.
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