Basic introduction of machining center
Basic introduction of machining center
CNC milling machine is a kind of versatile machine tool. There are three kinds of vertical, horizontal and gantry milling machines. The machining center is an integrated CNC machining machine. It is developed on the basis of CNC milling machine. It is set for milling and boring. The cutting, drilling and thread cutting processes are integrated into one, usually called the boring and milling machining center, which is used to be referred to as the machining center.
Why is the machining center so prevalent? Why do some machining operations have to use machining centers? Many people have mentioned such problems. In fact, it is mainly because of 2 points. First, traditional machining equipment cannot meet the accuracy requirements. Modern industrial products have higher and higher requirements for precision, and the machining center can process complex three-dimensional curved surfaces with high processing precision. Second, the machining center completes multiple machining operations in one setup, shortens the auxiliary machining time, and avoids positioning errors caused by multiple clamping.

There are many different classifications for the classification of machining centers. According to the state of the main shaft in the space, it can be divided into a vertical machining center and a horizontal machining center. The main axis of the machining center is in a vertical state, which is called a vertical machining center. The horizontal axis of the spindle is called the horizontal machining center. According to the number of motion coordinates of the machining center and the number of coordinates controlled at the same time, it can be divided into three-axis two-link, three-axis three-link, four-axis three-link, five-axis four-link, six-axis five-link. The three-axis and four-axis refer to the number of motion coordinates of the machining center, and the linkage refers to the number of coordinates that the control system can simultaneously control the movement, thereby realizing the position and speed control of the tool relative to the workpiece.
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