CNC Slotting Machine safety specification

  CNC Slotting Machine safety specification

Vertical slotter slotting machine for the planer  lathe

一. Operating procedures:cnc slotting machine for metal
1. The operator must read the “Instructor's Manual” and be familiar with the equipment principle, lubrication and safety precautions, etc.
2.The parts should be regularly refueled according to the lubrication requirements, and the oil should be cleaned regularly;
3. Before work, the positioning screws and workpieces of the bull's head should be fastened, and the planer should be clamped and fastened. It should not be extended too long. No tools should be placed on the workbench;
4.When the workpiece is clamped with a vise, the jaws and the horn should be wiped clean, and the vise must be firm at the center of the workbench;
5. Adjust the planer lathe bull's head stroke so that the tool does not touch the workpiece, and shake it by hand to test the full stroke. No people are allowed to stand before or after the slide;
6. Loading and unloading the workpiece, changing the tool, wiping the workpiece with hand, measuring the workpiece, and stopping when shifting. After the machine tool is adjusted, the rocker handle is removed;
7. When planing, the feed rate should be selected to avoid the collision caused by too much feed;
8.During the planing process, the head and hands should not be extended under the front of the vehicle, and the cotton and the yarn should not be used to wipe the workpiece and the rotating parts of the machine;
9. brush should be used to clean iron filings, and it is forbidden to blow with mouth;
10. When loading and unloading large workpieces and fixtures, please ask someone to help prevent slipping and hurting people.
vertical metal slotting machine
二. Safety Precautions:horizontal slotting machine
1. During processing, the product is not allowed to touch the product and the tool;
2. The vertical keyway slotting machine equipment should have a good and reliable grounding wire;
3. If the machine tool malfunctions during operation and abnormal sounds, it should be shut down immediately. After disconnecting the power supply, the machine adjustment or maintenance operation can be performed to find the cause;
4. If the machine tool is cut off during operation, the power switch should be cut off immediately to avoid adverse consequences caused by re-operation or automatic opening of the machine.
三. slot cutting machine maintenance
1. After the machine tool is finished, remove the iron filings and dirt on the machine in time, and apply anti-rust oil on the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion;
2. Lubrication parts should be lubricated regularly according to the usage before use, and each rolling bearing should be greased once a year;small vertical slotting machine
3. Regularly clean the equipment thoroughly, so that “the paint sees the true color, the iron sees the light”, and there is no oil on the sliding and rotating parts;
4. If the fault is found, it should be stopped in time to fill out the “equipment accident report form” for repair, and the maintenance record should be filled in the “equipment file”.
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