How to control the CNC lathe?
How to control the CNC lathe?
To operate the CNC lathe, the tool can be used to test the knife. In the manual operation mode, the Z axis is first moved to the end of the workpiece. The Z axis does not move the X axis out of the workpiece end face. The first tool to be used for machining can be set to T 0101. Then find the No. 1 tool offset on the tool offset page. 1. Enter Z0 and press the enter button. The Z axis is correct and then To exit the knife, select the appropriate margin to be machined, and cut the X-axis of the outer circle on the workpiece and do not move it. Exit the end face with the Z-axis. Stop the spindle and use the external micrometer to measure the size of the outer circle of the car. Also enter X on the same tool patch page and add the value you measured and press the input.

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