DRC Machinery New turret type slant bed cnc lathe machine

Best price slant bed metal cnc automatic lathe machine for sale

New turret type slant bed cnc lathe machine

Double Spindle Double Turret Turning Center

Slant Bed Metal cnc Lathe Features:

Compact design with HT300 high tension Meehanite cast-iron machine bed.
Perfect accessibility and optimal working depth.
The ideal machine for training, with minimal space requirement and suitable working depth to the spindle.
Orthogonal Y axis with +60 stroke.
Most updated control technology: FANUC Oi-TF or SIEMENS.

 New Small Metal Lathe iCT 625Y:

slant bed cnc lathe machine

Maximum workpiece length:550 mm.
maximum swing:over bed 650mm over slide 400mm.
Main drive:4000rpm.
Spindle power:15/18.5 KW.
Space requirements:7m².

Slant Bed Lathe

iCT Series technology:

slant bed turret metal machine cnc lathe is made of HT300 grey cast iron, which is integrated with 45 degree inclined bed. It ensures the stability and perfect machining effect of the machine tool.
Larger turning diameter and cutting diameter are suitable for more product areas.
The maximum inner diameter of spindle bearing is 110mm, which can guarantee the requirement of power cutting.
The drive shaft can be selected by the linear grating ruler, which provides higher precision and stability for the machine tools.
12 cutter servo turret. BMT cutter.
Hydraulic programmable tailstock options available.
The right and rear rows of chip removal machines are optional, suitable for the best choice of automation.

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine Main Technical Parameters:

Spindle head:FL 170 h5.
Spindle max. speed:4000 rpm.
Max. torque:265/305 Nm.
Spindle power:15/18.5KW.
Chuck diameter:250/310mm.
Spindle bore:87mm.
Front bearing diameter:110 mm.
Spindle bearing lubrication :Grease Model.
Linear motion lubrication :Grease Model.
slant Bed CNC turning Machine
Turret Type Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine Working area:
Center distance:685 mm.
Max. swing over bed:650mm mm.
Max. cutting length:400mm.
Maximum bar capacity:65/75 mm.
Travel Z:600mm.
Travel x:24000.
Travel y:±60mm.

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Ballscrew:
XZ axies ballscrew DxP:38X10 mm.

slant bed cnc lathe machine tools  

CNC Slant Bed Lathe Tool Attachments:
Driven tool turret:SAUTER Model .
No. of tool stations:12.
Turret disk type:BMT55.
Max. clamping force:4000 N.
Tool pole:25×25 mm.
Maximum speed:4000 rpm.
Power:3.3 KW.
Torque:50 Nm.
Servo turret:BMT55.

CNC Lathe Slant Bed  Electrical specifications:
Max. installed power: 45/50 KVA.
Connection cables section:4X10 mm.

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