CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe omits the traditional cumbersome working process
CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe omits the traditional cumbersome working process
CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe can be customized according to the actual processing needs of customers, realizing automatic feeding-processing-cutting one-stop processing, thus effectively reducing the labor intensity of workers and the production cost of enterprises, greatly improving the automation of machine tools. And production efficiency. CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe can send materials including iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic and other round bar materials, hexagonal bar material, hollow bar material. High precision of products, automatic feeding processing, length control, automatic processing, automatic cutting, greatly omitting the traditional CNC machine tool to rely on manual "manual" loading, clamping, starting, and cumbersome work process, is a common CNC Upgraded replacement for machine tools.

CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe highlight advantages:
1. It has high durability, strong corrosion resistance, flexible adjustment, energy saving and environmental protection. It has a low cost of use and a wide range of applications. It can be used as a complete set of components for spiral groove processing equipment of various drill bits and milling cutters.
2. For the pusher cylinder is too long, the feedstock encounters the resistance of the cylinder rod to bend, the cutting fluid corrodes the cylinder seal ring, causing air leakage, and has made a lot of improvements. After long-term use, the customer's durability is improved by more than 10 times, and the card is completely eliminated. Material, no cutting, the problem of excessive wear and tear of the mechanism.
3, is a modular design, with high durability, strong corrosion resistance, flexible adjustment, energy saving and environmental protection, the use of the cost of the bottom, a wide range of applications, can be used to complete the whole set of parts in various types of drills, milling cutters, spiral groove and other shaft processing equipment on.

When the feeder has an unstable step when feeding, the CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe has several conditions to consider:
1. The air pressure of the automatic feeding CNC lathe is unstable. The CNC lathe automatic feeding CNC lathe wholesale can be checked.
2. The speed of automatic feeding CNC lathe is too fast. Generally speaking, the air automatically feeds the CNC lathe for more than one minute. It also automatically feeds the CNC lathe on the bar lathe 60-70 times. It takes too many CNC lathes to automatically feed the CNC lathe, and the automatic feeding CNC lathe can't keep up. It is very simple to form the feeding. Banned.
3. The mold is not in doubt. Can try to manually check the goods to see if the mold is in doubt.
4. Is there a leaky appearance?

CK series automatic feeding CNC lathe mainly processes medium and heavy plates, with heavy load, and the overall design is different from conventional machinery. The lower fuselage adopts screw drive to solve the problem of heavy load. The upper fuselage adopts rack and pinion transmission to solve the problem that the traditional filament screw drive has small load, easy to shake, and the screw is easy to break, and the operation is stable.

CKE6180A Manufacturer 1000mm Bed Casting 220v Flat Bed cnc lathe Metal Mini Bench Lathe machine

1.High rigid structure design

Lathe bed  using  resin sand  casting,  artificial aging treatment, therefore,  have good  rigidity and shock absorption,can guarantee the high precision machining.

2.High performance spindle

Head stock divided into manual 18th,manual frequency conversion and automatic  frequency conversion. Cancel the electromagnetic clutch at the same time, not only improve the cutting torque, but also increase the reliability of machine tool.

3.Precise and fast vertical and horizontal drive

The longitudinal and transverse axes of the machine tool are driven by a servo motor, a precision ball screw pair, a high rigidity precision composite bearing drive, and a half closed loop control system with pulse coder position detection feedback. The guide rail adopts the international popular high frequency quenching (hard rail) plus "sticking plastic" process, and each moving shaft has fast response, high accuracy and long service life.

4.Automatic centralized lubrication system

The slide box of the machine is equipped with a fast moving device, which can quickly move to the desired position.

5.The tail seat with motor drive and high stiffness tail socket

Equipped with central lubrication device,can automatic lubrication on the ball screw and  guide rail, can effectively improve the dynamic response of the machine tool characteristics  and the service life of screw guide.

6.Electronic turret

Vertical four station turret

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