Several common damage repair methods for wheels:

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Several common damage repair methods for wheels

Nowadays, many people pay great attention to maintaining the car. What are the common damage repair methods for the wheel hub?


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    Wrench edge scratch damage:alloy wheel diamond cutting machine
    This is a common type of wheel damage. When the wheel of the car is rotated against the edge of the road, it is easy to damage the outer edge of the wheel. In this case, the professional welding technology can perfectly repair the refurbishment
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    Damage to the hub edge:car wheel repair machine
    If the wheel of the car is accidentally hit by a hard object, the edge of the hub will be broken. In this case, the car tire must be replaced, and the wheel can be perfectly repaired and repaired by welding and shaping.
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    Hub edge gap:full automatic wheel repair machine
    When the hard wheel is violently hit by stones or other hard objects, the edge of the car's hub will be hit into a gap, and the wheel refurbishment specialist will be perfectly repaired by surfacing, sealing test, and surface treatment according to the shape of the notch.
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    Hub break:mobile wheel repair machine

    The broken part of the wheel of the car, can not ignore this small crack, which has serious safety hazards, can not make it endanger your driving safety, can be refurbished by crack welding, polishing, baking paint and other procedures.

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    Wheel twist:rim lathe
    When the deformed automobile wheel hub is impacted or impacted, it is easy to cause the wheel rim of the automobile wheel to bend and deform, which is serious damage. As long as the structure of the wheel hub is not damaged, the damaged wheel hub is corrected by the wheel repairing equipment and special process.

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    Wheel yellowing:wheel polish equipment
    When the wheel is used for a long time, it will appear yellow. It looks dirty and ugly. It not only affects the aesthetics of the wheel hub, but also affects the aesthetics of the car. It can be refurbished by the original process such as baking, drawing and polishin.
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