CNC Pipe Threading Lathe

         Pipe Threading Lathe

        CNC pipe threading lathe is also regarded as oil country lathe, which is widely used in oil field.In addition, it also applies to geological survey, mining, chemical industry, and agricultural irrigation. Comparing to common lathe, CNC pipe threading lathe is economic and convenient, it can cut the straight thread, conical thread more efficiently, for instance: hose nippler, jacket, mining pipe, and water-pump pipe. Considering the character of oil geology, mining, CNC pipe threading lathe also process various inch screw lathe, metric thread, modulus thread, spindle, disc, as a common lathe. CNC pipe threading lathe is the ideal lathe for the above industries.

        CNC pipe threading lathe has a stable structure, precise design, simple and exquisite facade, and high production efficiency, low labor cost. It is a combination between human intelligence and society demand, with which not only the whole society economy increases, but also reduces the workers burden from working. In summary, CNC pipe threading lathe is the perfect modern lathe for processing workpiece.

         CNC pipe threading lathe manufactured by our company has attained international certification, and good reputation. It has been sold both at home and to abroad for a long time. What’s more, we offer considerate after-sale service to our clients.

        If you have inquiry to CNC pipe threading lathe, welcome to contact us.  

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