CNC instrument lathe Factory manufacturing

The flat bed CNC lathe with two coordinates of vertical (Z) and horizontal (X). To various axial and plate parts automatically inside and outside the cylinder, conical surface, circular arc surface, end face, cutting and chamfering process of machining, and turning metric thread, straight face thread and imperial straight thread and taper thread turning processing. It is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized batch products, especially for complex and high-precision parts. 

What Is The Application Field of CNC Lathe?

High precision small model CNC lathe RC6130 CNC instrument lathe Factory manufacturing

 ( More Detailed Picture of CNC Lathe Machine )

1.Lathe bed guide intermediate frequency quenching, bed saddle and skateboarding guide joint surface using "stick model" processing, moving parts can realize trace feeding, prevent to crawl.

2.Feeding system adopts servo motor, precision the ball screw, high rigid precision composite bearing structure, accurate positioning, high transmission efficiency.

3.Spindle speed is high, wide range of speed regulation, and the low noise. Main transmission adopts double speed motor and the electromagnetic clutch realize automatic transmission or use level frequency conversion motor to realize stepless speed regulation in the file.

4.The appearance of the machine tool protection design in accordance with international popular trend, modeling novel and unique, waterproof, prevent crumbs, convenient in maintenance, reflects the time characteristics.

Metal Lathe Equipment use:
The automatic CNC lathe is mainly used for processing various shaft and disc parts. It can turn various internal and external curved surfaces of threads, arcs, cones and rotary bodies to meet the speed requirements of high-speed chips for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Suitable for high-efficiency, high-volume, high-precision machining of rotating parts in the automotive, motorcycle, electronics, aerospace, military, electrical parts, powder metallurgy, valve parts, bearings, motor housing parts and other industries.

Main Features:
The precision Automatic CNC Lathe using flat bed type structure, the X axis and Z axis install linear guide way and direct type ball screw, with automatic lubrication system, guarantee the reliable supply of linear guide and ball screw lubrication, and ensure the reliability of the Machining accuracy; Max spindle speed 3000 RPM; Cutting tool using straight line and gang type tool post, especially for small mass production.

Spindle bearing adopts high speed precision oblique angle ball bearing, can bear radial, axial and synthesis load, make strong spindle motor to realize full power cutting from middle speed to high speed.

What Is The Details Of Small CNC Lathe?

1.High rigid structure design
Lathe bed using resin sand casting, artificial aging treatment, therefore, have good rigidity and shock absorption,can guarantee the high precision machining. Small lathe

2.High performance spindle
Head stock divided into manual 18th,manual frequency conversion and automatic frequency conversion. Cancel the electromagnetic clutch at the same time, not only improve the cutting torque, but also increase the reliability of machine tool. engine lathe

3.Precise and fast vertical and horizontal drive
The longitudinal and transverse axes of the machine tool are driven by a servo motor, a precision ball screw pair, a high rigidity precision composite bearing drive, and a half closed loop control system with pulse coder position detection feedback. The guide rail adopts the international popular high frequency quenching (hard rail) plus "sticking plastic" process, and each moving shaft has fast response, high accuracy and long service life.

4.Automatic centralized lubrication system
The slide box of the machine is equipped with a fast moving device, which can quickly move to the desired position.

5.The tail seat with motor drive and high stiffness tail socket
Equipped with central lubrication device,can automatic lubrication on the ball screw and guide rail, can effectively improve the dynamic response of the machine tool characteristics and the service life of screw guide.

6.Electronic turret
Vertical four station turret
Adopt domestic famous brand tool post, stable work,good rigidity, high precision rotary.

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