What is a CNC lathe?

cnc lathe

What is a CNC lathe?

Machine tools are an important tool for human production and labor, and an important indicator of the level of development of social productive forces. Ordinary machine tools have experienced nearly two hundred years of history. With the development and comprehensive application of electronic technology, computer technology and automation, precision machinery and measurement technology, a new type of machine tool for mechatronics has been produced. Once the CNC machine tool is used, it shows its unique superiority and strong vitality, which has solved many problems that could not be solved. In China's manufacturing industry, the application of CNC machine tools is more and more extensive, which is the embodiment of a company's comprehensive strength.

CNC lathe is the abbreviation of digital program control lathe. It combines the characteristics of universal lathe, precision lathe with high processing precision and special lathe with high processing efficiency. It is the most widely used CNC machine tool in China.

To learn the theory and operation of CNC lathes, we must study hard and practice hard, from the plane geometry, trigonometric functions, mechanical drawing, the process and operation of ordinary lathes. Therefore, it is necessary to first have the knowledge of ordinary mechanics and then transfer from mastering manual control to digital control. On the other hand, if you do not learn well about mathematics, electrical engineering, tolerances and cooperation, and mechanical manufacturing, you must learn the principles of numerical control. And programming, etc., will also be very difficult. Familiar with part process requirements and properly handle process problems.

Due to the particularity of CNC machine tool processing, CNC machine tool processing workers are required to be both operators and programmers, as well as certain qualities of junior technicians. Therefore, operators must be familiar with the various process (technical) requirements of the parts being machined. Such as machining routes, tools and their geometric parameters, cutting amount, size and shape position tolerance. Only when you are familiar with the various process requirements and correctly deal with the problems that arise, can you reduce the blindness of work and ensure the complete completion of the entire processing work.

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