Principles of CNC lathe processing technology?

cnc lathe

Whether it is ordinary lathe processing or CNC lathe processing, the process analysis of the processed parts should be carried out before processing, the processing plan should be drawn up, the processing line and processing content should be determined, the appropriate tool and cutting amount should be selected, and the appropriate fixture and equipment should be designed. Clip method. Especially in the machining of CNC lathes, the formulation of the machining process is more important than the ordinary lathe, but also more detailed, because in the ordinary lathe processing, the process card is developed, the operator operates according to the processing technology, in the processing If you encounter some problems, (such as when machining the inner hole, the iron filings are blocked, you can stop the cleaning), you can flexibly adjust the treatment, it will not be affected too much, and the CNC lathe is different. The CNC lathe is controlled by the program instructions, and the machining process is automatically processed. Every data, processing route, tool, and cutting amount are unreasonable, which will cause the workload to increase exponentially, even to come back. The machining of the parts is very clear from the time of clamping to the completion of the machining. It is necessary to refine the detailed problems of cutting changes, cutting amounts, and cutting lines for each step. The machining process design is the pre-preparation work before the workpiece is processed. It must be completed before the programming work. Only after the process design is determined, the programming has a basis and is tested and corrected by the first piece of machining. Inappropriate process considerations are one of the main causes of CNC machining errors. Therefore, programmers must pay attention to the process design first, and for some uncertain data (such as cutting amount, tool cutting effect, etc.), it is necessary to carry out the necessary Testing, programming in a hurry often misses. The machining process of CNC lathe is basically the same as that of ordinary lathe processing technology. However, compared with CNC lathe, the processing performance and control method also have its advantages and disadvantages, so it has its own characteristics. First of all, the CNC lathe processing process is more complicated than the ordinary lathe processing. CNC lathes usually arrange more complicated processes or process difficult to control processes on ordinary lathes, such as arc surface connection, taper thread, step thread, inner arc surface, etc., so that the difficulty in process processing is relatively increased. Secondly, the preparation of the CNC lathe processing program is more complicated than the technical specification of the ordinary lathe. This is because in the ordinary lathe processing, many machining processes do not have to be considered (such as chip removal, tool change, positioning and clamping), can not be ignored in the CNC machining process, the problem of ordinary lathe can be processed by the operator according to the situation. Adjust at any time, and the CNC lathe is more complicated to adjust during processing.

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