What Are The Characteristics Of The Process Design Of DRC Machinery CNC Lathe?


Process characteristics of lathe processing

1. It is easy to ensure the precision of each working surface of the workpiece; when machining, the workpiece rotates around a fixed axis, and each surface has the same rotation axis, so it is easy to ensure the coaxiality between the processing surfaces;

2, the cutting process is relatively stable; in addition to the discontinuous surface, in general, the lathe processing process is continuous, unlike milling and planing, in one go, the cutter has multiple cuts and cuts, resulting in Impact

3, suitable for the finishing of non-ferrous metal parts; some non-ferrous metal parts, because of the low hardness of the material itself, plasticity is better, it is difficult to obtain a smooth surface with other processing methods;

4, the tool is simple; the turning tool is the simplest one of the tools, manufacturing, sharpening and installation are very convenient, which is convenient to select a reasonable angle according to the specific processing requirements.

DRC Machinery type CNC lathe of this type of standard equipped with dynamic cylindrical milling cutter, knife and face round knife, when using the feeding process can complete multiple processing accessories, including car cylindrical, cone round, oval, etc., these parts can rotate in any direction, resulting in different content and working procedure of processing, remove the second milling, drilling operation, can enhance precision and machining efficiency, good for the secondary original existence artificial processing equipment and processing are removed, cancel the limit of traditional process in the lathe.

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