Vertical Lathe?
Single column vertical lathe, it is one of the types of vertical lathe, and is the use of a kind, so, based on this, coupled with its products on its website, all, it is necessary to familiar with and understand, so, also can let you have a good study effect, and know how to operate this kind of vertical lathe, in turn, on the use of the product, get expected want good use effect.

1. Single-column vertical lathe, how does its hand wheel work?
The single column vertical lathe contains parts that, from a professional point of view, do not have the hand wheel.And this kind of vertical lathe, it is electric to move knife commonly, do not have hand wheel but have fine adjustment lever, so that undertake adjusting work.

2. Single column vertical lathe, whether it is to add oil, is judged by what?In addition, is the judgment of its positive and reverse knives the same as the normal vertical lathe?
Single column vertical lathe, its whether to add oil, mainly through the oil window to observe, and then, to judge.Therefore, the oil window is very important to the equipment, is an indispensable part.And the judgment of its positive knife and counter knife is the same as the ordinary vertical lathe, which first put the knife block forward, if the head is in the left is the positive knife, and the head in the right is the counter-knife.

3. What is the main purpose of single-column vertical lathe?
Single-column vertical lathe has a stand and side tool holder, its main use, is for a variety of black and non-ferrous metals, and some parts are non-metallic workpiece processing.In the range of processing, it is the inner cylindrical surface, outer cylindrical surface, end surface, internal and external conical surface processing.

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