What are the precautions for single-column vertical lathes?
Single column vertical lathe operation process should pay attention to:
1. The matte surface of the workpiece is not allowed to be directly placed on the work surface, and the horn or spiral top is used for support; it is strictly prohibited to use the work surface for other operations such as hammering the workpiece, welding the workpiece, and so on.
2. When you are looking for a positive workpiece, you can only jog the table at a low speed and correct it.
3. When starting and stopping the workbench, the workbench can only be manually moved by hand. It is strictly forbidden to use the ankle.
4. When the table is rotated, it is not allowed to do the beam lifting and the tool holder to move quickly.
5. When moving the beam, first loosen the clamping device and clamp it immediately after the movement. After each fall of the beam, it should be raised a little to eliminate the gap between the screw and the nut.
6. Gravity cutting is not allowed when the ram of the straight turret and the side turret is extended for a long time; the vertical turret is used for processing, especially for gravity cutting, the girders should be lowered as close as possible to the work. The location.
7. When making interrupted cutting, it is necessary to reduce the amount of feed and the speed of the table.
8. The joystick must be pushed to the specified position during shifting. If the gears are not meshed properly, they should be adjusted by jog after work, and no forced operation is allowed.

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