Why Choose DRC Car Washer Machine?


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DRC Machinery Steam car washer Application

Traditional wash car machine just could wash the surface and some of us even to wash by hand.Our mobile nano steam car wash machine could be used in door to door washing business. And it is not only could wash the car surface,but also could wash the car interior,the engine,air condition pipeline,and it wash more cleanly. And more and more expensive car user like using this professional machine to wash their car.

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DRC Machinery Steam car washer Advantage

1.Door to door car wash services,very convenient.

2.Wash clearer, our machine not only could wash the car surface,but also could wash the car interior,engine,air condition pipeline and so on.

2.Save water.wash one car just need a little of water.and not need additive.so it protect the car surface not be hurt ,also our machine protect the environment and no pollution,high efficiency.

3.The items of control,we use integrated chip,main circuit board,control and execution of the original.contain(temperature sensor,water level sensor,pressure control sensor,auto power off ,circuit protection.most of the circuit original are Siemens electronic products.PLC control center.so the products are more stable and could use for a long time.

4.Most of the pipeline connection accessories we use 304,316 stainless steel material ,and some of accessories are custom to ensure its quality and have a long using life.

High pressure portable steam cleaning machine 

Why prefer 8bar for steam car washer?
(1) At least 6KW for 1 gun steam car washer with 8bar pressure, enough for car wash.
(2) For 1 gun steam car washer with 15bar/30bar, the power will be 15KW/42KW, too big power.
(3) Real 50bar steam cleaner, may broke car printing, like 250bar high pressure water can remove tree skin.
(4) Market Research:
<1> For 30bar, 50bar so-called steam car washer, the pressure will drop to <8bar within seconds.
<2> Some steam car washer with stable 20bar pressure, but use hand touching, the pressure still around 8bar.



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