What is Flat Bed CNC Lathe?
Flat Bed CNC Lathe    flat bed cnc lathe machine      high precision flat bed cnc lathe machine     CNC Flat-bed Lathe     cnc turning machine

DRC Machinery 
◆High precision Taiwan linear guide
◆High-speed spindle unit, optional homemade spindle
◆High strength cast iron
◆Automatic centralized lubrication
DRC CNC lathe is also suitable for turning machining of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, tapered surfaces, threads, drilled holes, reamings and curved revolving bodies of shaft and disc parts in small and medium batches. The machining accuracy is up to IT7, and the surface roughness of the workpiece to be machined can reach Ra1.6.
The machine tool adopts the integrated structure of machine and electricity. The overall layout is compact and reasonable, easy to repair and maintain. It has the characteristics of high speed/precision /rigidity. The key purchased parts are selected by internationally renowned manufacturers to ensure the high reliability of the machine tool. . The whole machine adopts a semi-protective structure, and the shape conforms to the principle of ergonomics. It is pleasant and easy to operate.

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