What is Wheel repair lathe machine?
DRC CNC wheel lathe is a special machine tool for machining and repairing wheel pairs of railway machines. In order to improve the performance and price ratio of machine tools, the CNC system for double lathes for wheel lathes has been developed, focusing on the automatic measurement and tool setting of the CNC system. Method of implementing economic cutting function

The CNC wheel lathe is specially used for the processing of various new and required wheel sets. The UFB125N can be used for the repair of high-speed EMU wheel sets in addition to the traditional wheel set. The lathe uses the SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D CNC operating system.

It is a fully automatic machining operation mode, and is equipped with an automatic measuring system, which automatically calculates the optimal cutting parameters after measuring the tread surface of the wheel to be repaired.

1.  The software has two-way curve optimization features of the X and Z direction, can achieve the curve optimization of the wheel face and circumference (rim) surfaces.
modify the curve of measurement acquisition point generating of wheel surface.
4.  The software can display multiple languages, adapt to customers in different countries.
6.  The software requires no special installation, open to use, operation is very simple.
7.  The software enables to a self-set for safety distance of advance and retreat knife. 

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