what is wheel repair lathe?
1): What is your minimum order quantity and warranty?
warranty is one year.
2): What Max wheel size the wheel machine can cut?
A: We produce many model machines to meet different customer’s request.wheel size up to 35”.
3): Can the machine cut special wheel,such as deep dish wheel?
A: The machine can probe and cut special wheel, it is no problem for deep dish wheel. We equip laser probing function, can probing and repair all wheel and can realize rainbow line effect.
4): If your machine all steps are operated on machine, not need go to computer?
A: yes. no problem. we produce the new machine with touch screen and laser probing, and our own software.optimization and cutting can be finished in machine system.
5): Is it easy to learn?
A: Yes, Friendly man- machine interface, easy to learn and the people without professional training can learn the operation easily in one hour. We also offer training video and detailed operation manual with machine.
6): Is it easy to use?
A: Sure. The machine adopts 17 inch touch screen industry integrated machine,wireless key&mouse are set up and the mouse can be used together with the touch screen. The customer can establish their own database of different models of wheels and the saved data can be used in the cutting of same model.
7):What is your service for the machine?
A: The machine warranty is 1 year. The machine support the remote assistance, and any problems can contact with our company to start the after sale service.The software support remote upgrade, enjoy life free upgrade to the latest